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2016 -2017 Royal Institute of Fine Art Stockholm, BFA

2014 -2016 Academy of Fine Art Trondheim, Norway, BFA

2013 -2014 Ecole d´Art de Mont Cotton, Bagnol sur Ceze, France

2012 -2013 Gerlesborgsskolan, Stockholm, Sverige

2005 -2008  Uppsala universitet,  Filosofie magisterexamen Social sciences (Pedagogik, Sociologi, Organisation och Företagsekonomi)

2008- 2008 Mittuniversitetet Östersund, Project Management

Selected Exhibitions

2021 "M-E-N-I-N-G", Söderströmsgården, Ekerö kommun

2020  "Open Window", Installation with bark, silk and sound, Södermalm Stockholm

2018  "The details gives the Novel some Verisimilitude - Ingen äger tiden?, Workshop and co-creation on proximity and inclusion, Örebro Läns Museum/Kyrkans Hus

2018  "Ingen äger tiden", Örebro Läns Museum, Installation with historical wolf spears and sound 

2018  "Trümmerfrau", Help Performer to Liv Kristin Holmberg, Scala Teatern, Stockholm

2017  "The Promise: Feet in the Sands of Time", Index Foundation of Contemporary Art, Stockholm

2017  "Intermezzo III", Galleri Mejan, Stockholm

2017  "Intermezzo I o II", Tomteboda Postterminal, KKH Springexhibition, Stockholm

2017  "Knock Knock smog wand", Galleri KiT, Trondheim

2017  "The Details gives the Novel some Verisimilitude", Rundgång, Sculptures in Cluster, Mellanrummet Royal Institute of Fine Art, Stockholm

2017  "Discomfort", Fylkingen, Stockholm

2016  "Echo", Soundscape, Audiorama, Stockholm

2016  "Moving Art Project", Installations with object and sound, art-tour Sweden

2016  "Please Enter", Galleri KiT, Trondheim

2016  "Snailmail for artists", Boston, USA 

2015  "An Approach to Self through an Other", Galleri KiT, Trondheim

2015   "When we meet in Lorås", Café Lorås, Jämtland

2015   "Kärlek", Härjedalen Pride, Sveg

2015   "Transformable (Body) Wear", Galleri KiT, Trondheim

2014   "Delay", (in association with Mary Sherman og Florian Grond), Galleri KiT, Trondheim

2014   "Royal Intersectionality, Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland 

2014   "Collaborative Endeavour", Galleri KiT, Trondheim

2014   "Produire pour la produit", Festival Video l´Interactive, Valbonne, France

2014   "Children of Modern Times", Casablanca Video Festival, Marocco

2014   "Danse pour la vie", Cave Mallet, Bagnol sur Cèze 

2013   "Transparens", Curera Medical Center, Hornstull, Stockholm

2013   "Abstract Interaction", Askersunds Konsthall

Research projects

2016 - undefined To orchestrate an infinity of details


2020 The desert house recidency


2017 From Science to Art (and Back), Stockholm

2016 TransCultural Exchange´s International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts: Expanding Worlds, Boston USA

2013 FID 28th International Filmfestival Marseille, France

Selected Workshops/Assignements

2022-2025 Referensgruppen för ateljé och studiostöd, kulturstrategiska enheten, kulturförvaltningen, Stockholm stad

2022-2024 Styrelseledamot, Ordförande, Konstnärernas riksorganisation Stockholms län 

2022 Verksamhetskonsult, hr-enheten, kulturförvaltningen, Stockholm stad

2022 Gästlärare Projekt- och produktionsledning i kulturskola, 7,5 hp, Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut (SMI)

2022 Gästlärare Socialpedagogik och inkludering, 15 hp, Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut (SMI)

2021 Att lära av varandra, med varandra, för varandra - En inkluderande Kulturskola för alla. Forskningsstudie i dialog med Kulturrådet, Kulturskolerådet, Kulturskolan och SMI.

2021 Utvärdering av inkluderingsinsatser inom ramen för Kultur för Alla,  Utvecklingseneheten, Kulturförvaltningen, Stockholm stad. 

2021 M-E-N-I.N-G, konstnärligt utvecklingsprojekt, Söderströmsgården, Ekerö kommun

2021  Styreslesuppleant, Konsntärernas riksorganisation Stockholm

2020-2021 Valberedningen, Konsntärernas riksorganisation Stockholm

2020  Workshop målgruppen äldre

2020  Fullmäktige, Konstnärernas Riksorganisation 

2019  Workshop målgruppen funktionsvariation

2019  Workshop målgruppen nyanlända

2018  Workshop: Läkande berättelser, Brantingsgatan, Stockholm

2018  Workshop: Ingen äger tiden?, Kyrkans hus & Örebro Läns Museum

2018  Communication of webbsystem, Konstpool, Stockholm

2017  Workshop: Create and reflect, Brantingsgatan, Stockholm

2017  Workshop: Feet in the Sands of Time, Index Foundation of Contemporary Art/Södermalmstorg,

2017  Magasin III, Host, Stockholm,

2016  Guide and student representative in Admission Committee, Academy of Fine Art NTNU, Trondheim

2016  Moving Art Project, installation and de-installation at Lat.23 Art Arena, Östersund,

2016  Workshop: "An Approach to Self through An Other", Galleri KiT, Trondheim

2015-16   Board Member, Galleri KiT, Trondheim,

2015-16   RAKE Visningsrom, Host,

2014 Workshop: "Self-realization", Conservatory of Dance and Music, Bagnols sur Ceze, France    

2013 Workshop: "SelfLeadership", Hälsans Hus, Stockholm,  

2011 Workshop: Frigörande möten Kenya Stockholm,  

2008 -2022 Hållbarhetsutvecklare, HR-konsult och pedagog (Bygg, Industri, Teknikföretagen, Bemanning, Kulturförvaltning, Idéburen, Ideell, Utbildning, Tillverkande) 


2021 Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation

2020 Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation

2019 Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation

2017 Konstakademien Stockholm 

2017 Royal Institute of Fine Art Stockholm

2016 Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation

2016 Trans Cultural Exchange´s 2016

2014 Karin Engelfeldths Memorial Fund

2014 Gerlesborgsskolan Sthlm 

Selected Courses

2020-2021    Fördjupningsstudier Social pedagogy, diversity and inclusion, Stockholms Musikpedagogiska institut, Centrum för Lärande och Utveckling, Hudiksvall. 


The spiritual questions of Socialism, Royal Institute of Fine Art Stockholm: The course focuses on possible expressions and existential dimensions in the public space. During the course, visits to community facilities such as maternity leave, treatment rooms, rescue rooms, prisons, retirement homes, day centers, etc, are completed and presentation of artistic proposals developed to be presented on Kulturförvaltningen and / or Kulturfrämjandet.


Modern Legacies and Construction of Whiteness, Royal Institute of Fine Art Stockholm: Art and curatorial practices, human sciences, theory and activism, are brought into a single pedagogical structure to engage critically with modernism and whiteness. Segregation, race, capital, editing disorders, nervousness, experience of migration and adoption. What do these issues have to do with the symbolic, and yet highly powerful, sphere of representation of what we call art? This interdiciplinary course is designed for practioners within the fields of fine arts, design, curatorship, architecture, journalism, cultur studies, humanities, social and political science who are intereste in global peripheral modernism, race, whiteness, race, social engineering, adoption, migration, orientalism, activism, parade, masquerade and institutional critique.

2016           Neuroplastique / Soundscapes, Royal Institute of Fine Art Stockholm: A course focusing on exploring and experimenting with, the biological neurophysiological phenomen behind                         sound and space perception and composition, as well as the power of sound to affect state of mind and space perception.

 2016          Sound Art and Installations at the Music Technology Study Program Trondheim: The course covers a wide range of topics both theoretically and practically including                                        electronics, sensors and micro controllers, sound spatialization and composition, acoustic ecology and listening, sound theory and history, and project planning for public art.

 2014.         Departement of Art and Media studies NTNU:  Filmstudies

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